27 Feb 2013
February 27, 2013

DIY Baby Bow Headband Tutorial

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Baby Bow Headband Tutorial

For all of y’all with a baby bow need! Technically my baby isn’t a baby anymore… she’s a toddler. She just recently had her second birthday and I made this headband for her to wear with her birthday dress. Will also post a tutorial on how to make the dress:) I had wanted to get this post out sooner, but we haven’t been feeling well so things are a little off schedule. I hope you ladies are all having a great week so far and staying healthy!

Well let’s make a baby bow headband:)


Alexandra on her birthday:)

Baby Bow Headband Tutorial

Ok, so what you are going to need to do is cut out a rectangle piece of stretch fabric. Most knit fabrics will have enough stretch. You will also need to cut a strip of elastic. I use the 1″ width elastic for most of the headbands I make Alexandra.

Here are my size recommendations.

0-3m fabric 10″x3.5″ elastic 2″

3–6m fabric 11″x4″ elastic 2.5″

6-9m fabric 12″x4.5″ elastic 3″

9-12m fabric 13″x5″ elastic 3.5″

12-18m fabric 14″x5.5″ elastic 4″

18-24m fabric 15″x6″ elastic 4.5″

Then you are going to fold your rectangle in half (the long ways), right sides together and then sew along the long edge. Zigzag stitch or serge. Then turn your fabric right side out and sew the ends to your strip of elastic. Straight stitch. *One tip is to test the size of the headband before you sew the second edge to the elastic. That way if it is too big you can make adjustments… If it’s too small, then you could rip up the seam on the elastic or just cut it off. Then sew on a longer piece of elastic. Once your elastic is completely sewn on take a thin strip of your fabric and tie a knot where you want the bow to go. Best if you put the headband on your little one so you can place the knot exactly where you want the bow to go. Like pictured above.

Baby Bow Headband Tutorial

Now for your baby bow. I cut an 8″x7″ piece of cotton fabric. This ended up being too wide of a bow! So I recommend cutting out a 8″x5″ piece of fabric instead (for 18-24m). Unless you want to serge the edges of your bow like I did. Then cut a slit in the fabric, like shown above. *For other sizes just adjust your bow dimensions to fit your desired look.


Fold your fabric in half, right sides together. Then stitch around the edges, as pictured above.


Use your slit to turn your fabric right side out.


Then fold the edges of the slit in and straight stitch the opening closed. Baby bow is done, yay! Now you just need to put it on your headband.


Simply un-tie your knot and then re-tie it around the bow. Trim the excess. We will sew it secure in just a minute:)


Then to cover your elastic. Cut a piece of your stretch fabric that is large enough to cover the elastic.

Baby Bow Headband Tutorial

Fold that piece over your elastic and then zigzag stitch across and straight stitch at the edges.


Then to secure your baby bow, straight stitch across the center piece. If you wanted the serged edges you can do that now too. Take off as much as desired.

That’s it!! Baby bow headband completed!!


Here is Alexandra with her Grandpa. She just put a bracelet on his face and is admiring her work:)


Alexandra with her Papa, I love these two!

Well, that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this post. Would love to see photos of your little ones sporting their baby bows:) And I will be posting a few more things from Alexandra’s birthday, like the birthday dress tutorial, cake recipe and an idea for a new birthday tradition. The velvet rose headband tutorial will also be posted here very shortly too. So much love to you ladies!!

Love and BIG bows,


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